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IMPORTANT UPDATE!!  Our friends at global(x) have committed a $15,000 MATCHING GRANT towards the purchase of this important transportation vehicle!  Your gift today can have DOUBLE THE IMPACT!  We only need $16,500 to complete the funding for the People Mover!  
While we face many challenges daily, there is one that’s most urgent today.  The truck that transports most of our 280 workers to and from work from the surrounding communities is on its last leg. We bought a used truck a few years ago, and it is now in the shop more than it is on the road.
The challenge is that now our workers have to walk over two hours TO WORK and then HOME after work.  It is not safe for women to be walking alone, so the slower walkers are at risk. Some simply cannot make the walk, so they lose workdays (pay) and we lose childcare givers and other critically important workers. One of our most important objectives in Swaziland is to provide vocational training and employment to men and women, to interrupt the cycle of poverty and joblessness and help preserve families by providing gainful employment.
We need $45,500 USD as soon as possible to buy a transport truck. While that won’t get us a new one, we can buy a truck that will last longer than the last one, AND we will be able to use the original truck as our back up.   We are always in need of transportation.
If you can help us with this immediate and urgent need, please email Janine at or David Bryant at  You can also fill out the form below to make your donation online.
Thank you for not only helping us care for our 151 children, but also the employees of Project Canaan whom we are also here to serve. 



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