Community Support and Volunteer Guest Relations
Chris Cheek 
After 2 years of no significant rains throughout Swaziland the impact has become critical especially for the elderly, orphaned children headed households and the elderly raising orphaned children.  In response to the dire situation Project Canaan has formed an emergency relief team reaching out to the three chiefdom communities that surround Project Canaan.
Responsibilities include:
  • Visiting homesteads, identifying the most vulneralbe and at risk homes facing starvation, illness and needed resources meeting the emergency criteria.
  • Scheduling, delivering and monitoring inventory for the "Drought Relief Food Packs"
  • Build relationships with the people of the communities to foster our ongoing community outreach ministy
  • Partner with Rural Health Motivators to identify the most at risk; elderly and orphaned children
  • Follow up and advocate for the needs of the elderly and orphaned children
  • Develop resource information based on the needs of th elderly and orphaned children
  • Heart for Africa's liaison for group mission teams with the communities
If you would like to support our Community Support and Volunteer Guest Relations role, please scroll to the bottom of this page.
Meet Chris Cheek - member of our Community Support Team:
Two years ago I arrived at Project Canaan and became our Toddler Home "GoGo" (grandmother).  Over the two years I became very active visiting in the communities, hearing the stories of the people in the communities,  and distributing food and clothing.  My role expanded and I found I had become a voice for the most vulnerable people in Swaziland; the elderly and the orphaned children.
Through the people I heard the cries and saw the face of God.  The cries that rang throughout the mountains moved me to say yes, yes to staying longer and yes to the community, yes to spending days walking through the bush, throughout the mountains and by dry river beds to identify the neediest in the surrounding chiefdoms.  I work hand in hand with the Project Canaan Community team organizing food inventory and distribution as an advocate for the forgotten.  I am still GoGo; Gogo to the children of Project Canaan and now in the surrounding chiefdoms.
This is a journey that I cannot do alone.  Only with you can I step into the story to serve the elderly and orphaned children of Swaziland.  There are three ways each of you can join me in this journey.
  1. Come and experience Project Canaan - look at the trip available and bring your talents to love and serve.
  2. Financial support to enable me to serve.  This can be a one time donation or monthly giving.  In order for your donation to recur on a monthly basis you must check the box "I want to make a bigger impact".
  3. Pray for me daily.
Together we can make a difference.  I commit to each of you that I will serve with complete love and dedication every day.  Every action I take will be one with your name etched into the lives of the elderly, the hungry, the forgotten and the orphans of Swaziland.  It is with prayers and gratitude that I say thank you.

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